Today I find myself in New York City. I am here working with charitywater.com, a wonderful organization that focuses on providing clean drinking water to women, children and communities! It is something to be celebrated. Tonight the event is being held at the ever famous 69th Regiment Armory, with a complete Water Walk were people attempt to carry two jerrycans filled with water on a runway; there will be exhibits with great lighting (light fixtures done by yours truly.) and so much more.

The reason I find myself in New York, supporting such a cause for this event, is the dire need for WATER. Water is a scarcity in many places including Malawi. Many of the programs I will visit host kids and youth who walk for miles before school collecting water for the families’ daily needs. Its Water. How many times in 1 day to you come into contact with it? For me it’s often.

Everyday I am in contact with water, whether a shower or a glass of water…It would be safe to say most Americans have that option. We can all be a little more aware, and all a little less wasteful. Say I pray for those without a water supply. Click here and select Malawi Initiatives and type in MollytoMalawi to give a financial tax-deductible gift towards education. I will be tutoring and teaching English, teaching about basic needs, Water included!

Remember those without Water, and remember you can be a part of the change, by bringing more water to more people.


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