Speak English?

My style of travel is to challenge myself to know a bit more than just English. Typically the norm in our culture is to expect everything to be written, posted or even spoken in English. I dismiss that notion and move to a different beat.

I am extremely fortunate to know many Malawians here in Camden, NJ, & lucky because I have a head start on some of my Chichewa lessons. Chichewa, the main language spoken in Malawi is unique, but is a little difficult for my mouth to remember. In Chichewa, W’s follow right after B’s and M’s and W’sare close friends. Difficult for my month to remember because English was my mouth’s first language. My mouth is not used to a word like mwana;  which means child.

                                     Try it!  Say mwana.  Do you agree it is a bit of a bizarre feeling?

I am so happy I have had the the opportunity to learn words, phrases and formal greetings. Late last night I was given the opportunity to practice some of my skills, my friend Isaac who lives in Malawi was proud of me too!

I said, ” Zikomo! i cannot wait!! keep me in your prayers, I still need a bit more money to be raise/donated, and travel plans to work out… 🙂 miss you guys for sure.

Isaac Chikwawa replied, “Will keep on praying 4 u,wow,u can even write chichewa on your own? Amazing!!”
                     ndili wosangalala! Zikomo!
                         (I am happy, Thank you)

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