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A Loss for Words, So I Will Post Pictures

Someone once said, “A picture is worth a thousand words…” so here is my lengthy blog in pictures.

Please feel free to comment in the words that I could not come up with…





My Bike Taxi Man

My Bike Taxi Man

Pamela and her Sisters

Sofie Shows us Village Life

Have some thoughts, share away!
What do the pictures evoke inside you? How do you connect or not?
Does it intrigue you?

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To You, Our Dear and Loved Family

This was the address on the letter I received from my favorite family in Madisi.
Carrot, his Mother and his brother Stephen, and their younger siblings have played a significant role in my experiences and life in Madisi.

The are my neighbors, they live on less than $1.25/day. They are practically raised by a single mother, since daddy is practicing polygamy and is usually out of the house.
Mom is a provider, trying as she sells groundnuts, and offers herself to do piece work within the community, resiliently, she smiles.
The Ibrahim family, and their smiles, oh my goodness, they are contagious. Carrot and I initially met back in 2010, when his smile captured me from across the room, and commanded my smile back. Now, I have memories of sitting inside on the simple bamboo mat in one of the two rooms of their mud/brick house, by candle light — telling stories. My Malawian momma, as I call Carrots’ mom, illuminates this small room, and humbles me with her words, as she calls me family, banja (in chichewa), O’hana (in Hawaiian, one of my favorite ways to say it). We sat, and she shared how she was scared to see me leave June 2012, and how she was worried, she would never see me again.. She faithfully prayed and thanked God for bringing me into her and her families’ life. She told us this, and I felt her love. My heart felt.
She then let me introduce Ally and Holly, and with Stephen and Carrot helpfully able to translate, they were interpreting the girls’ stories into Chichewa. I was sharing how Holly re inspired the faith I had, in order to trust God, that coming back was in His plan. I shared how Holly had never been on a plane, yet had met friends in the U.S. that were from Malawi, and how she wanted to see the impact they are making in their own communities around Malawi. As for Ally, she has always dreamed of coming to Malawi; she has been praying for this country since she was a child. Her family was connected to a couple who served as missionaries in Malawi, hence, all the prayers. All this was shared, and translated and love was lit up in the eyes of mom, Carrot, Stephen, Ally, Holly and I. Pure joy was abound, and I am constantly thanking God for that night, and the unplanned moments in our trip, that made it more worthwhile.

Leaving Madisi, after 8 days was particularly difficult for my team, since they were absolutely in love, and impressed by the RiseMalawi Ministry and the impacts they are making on the young people. We said goodbye at camp, but could not leave without visiting our family, one last time.

Me and my Brothers..



Carrot in Red, Stephen next,  Holly, Ally and Shebo the younger brother.

Carrot in Red, Stephen next, Holly, Ally and Shebo the younger brother.


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From Dirt to a Desk, LIft a Child Up.

The title says it all,

Please visit this link, its an amazing post, that is worth sharing and getting involved. 


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Yes!! I Fly Back to Malawi, Tomorrow!!

Mawa, Tomorrow!! Only a day away!!

So, you can tell I am excited! And a night owl! I am up with excitement, joy and procrastination. I hope I have everything, its only 2 weeks, but I am thrilled. The time as come, and I pray you can join in my peace!

The prayers my team needs are the following:

Packing & praying our bags make it to Malawi…We are bringing art supplies, and donated educational items, books, as well as shoes, underwear and soap!

Safe flight and good health… Holly, one of the girls on my trip, is flying for her first time EVER!! Pray her body react well, and that we all stay healthy!

My leadership..God has trusted me to lead, pray I can make good moves, and smart choices for the group. Pray I can guide, and not be in my own happy world. 🙂

Pray we can serve effectively… pray we can possess positive attitudes when we are tired, or hungry, that we can be creative with our book making lesson and our self confidence ESL lesson!

We will be in the village for 8 days, observing and serving in the RiseMalawi summer camp, as well as serving in Blantyre, giving to needy families. More to come, from Malawi!

Also, a friend, Nina has been in Malawi, since July 3rd, see her blog too..

ohhhh I’ve got to finish packing and sleep!


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6 Days Away

So, I know I do not write on this blog anymore, but now I feel its slightly worth it…since
In 6 days, I will be embarking on a new sort of journey. Ill be leading a trip to Malawi, 🙂

I am very very excited!
Holly, a friend of mine, intially got this trip going… She had always wanted to go to Malawi, after making some Malawian friends in Camden, NJ, but wanted my help planning her trip.
We had a group of potential people interested, and then due to trip costs, it ended up just being her, again. Whatever the reason, God has HIS plans.
Holly has never been on a plane, nor left the country. She told me, she would be more comfortable with me as her guide. Conflicted with finding a full time job, this has become it, and God made it clear, He wanted me in leadership.
Holly and I booked our tickets!
About a month later, I was in contact with two other young women, and they are also passionate about Malawi, and faithfully passionate about Jesus. In 6 days we will go, serve, pray, and seek God. We will attempt to love, pray for provision, and be the hands and feet of the Lord.

Oh, how you know I love the Warm Heart Of Africa! Oh, how I want others to love Malawi, too! I just cannot wait! ooo Malawi, here we come!


Want to give, Paypal:

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Going “Home…”

I am still on a journey, just not to Malawi. I am still journeying from Malawi, and this will be a long process. I am still trying to hold on the values I’ve written about, the new values I learned during my time in Malawi.
For about 3 days I have been in New York City, wearing shorter than my norm for the past 5 months. New York has been an interesting way to come back to the US. but still I am able to reevaluate how to settle and what values to cling to.
Today I head “Home.” Camden/Philly here I come.

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Culture Shock…

My total travel time tops up over 30 hours! Yesterday, I was in three African countries in one day….whew! Lots of airport hoping and exhaustion.

Taking my first steps out of JFK Airport in NYC today, I was greeted by the warm early morning sun. My body felt confused on what time it was and what season we are in. I left Malawi during ‘winter,’ and entered NYC during a heat wave. I got more sleep on the plane than expected, and was more rested when I reunited with my sister, Meghan today.

17 Floors in one building…. to see that while entering an elevator, or to notice the steering wheel on the left side instead of the right, were just little ways my eyes have readjusted to the cultural norms in the U.S, and specifically, NYC.
I rested a lot today, and tonight, put on a dress, shorter than anything I had worn in Malawi, and went out to get ICECREAM. sister bonding of course. Colliding with trendy people, and loud streets, I am encountering a bit of culture shock…
I think when I wake up tomorrow I will be awoken by the sounds of sirens, construction, loud residents, and the zipping of cars…
I will miss the morning sounds of a rooster, the sun beaming through my net and the sounds of morning chores. (sweeping and mopping)
I guess I will still sip some Chombe Tea. ❤

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Stay on the Journey with Me

Yesterday I was not feeling quite ready to leave Malawi….
Today, I was able to at least get more things done, say a few more goodbyes and actually come to terms with the journey here ending. I know the journey will continue, as I want to keep bloggin, and post photos, so you can really connect.
By 8am my time, I will be leaving the house, off to the 1st of 4 airports and leaving the door to this chapter ajar, as I keep relationships going, as I advocate for these children and as I keep learning from the Warm Heart of Africa.

zikomo kambiri for the prayers, comments, likes, emails, and phone calls. continue to journey with me.

ps. ideas for new blog names, are welcome.

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Uncertain Headspace

This weekend was perfect.
*Shannon, a friend from the states has been preparing to come serve in Malawi, we I got to help greet her at the airport.
*At the airport, I ran into 3 PC Volunteers, one who I had already met months before, that was a cool connection!
*Traveling to Senga Bay, again, this time with new/old friends! It was so much fun. I played leader with the most experience, and speaking the most chichewa. 😀
*Laying in the hot sun in my bikini, yes, Bikini in Malawi.
*Talking culture, life, and stories with Germans, canadians & locals.
*Dancing, chatting, laughing and picture taking of kids! Especially those ones saying, “Azungu!! How are you?!”
*Talking to the coolest fisherman, and learning how they work.
*Watching them start their work as the sunset & welcoming them back at 5am/to see the sunrise.


*The numbers of fish, the sound of water on shore, chichewa spoken quickly to sell fish, and neon colors as the sun arose.
*Making friends in the market, simply due to eating/knowing the local pastries.
*Trading goods for goods
*Owning a hand crafted Jembe!!
*Riding in the back of a truck with about 20 people; clinging to each other for support.
*Sharing stories in the minibus back to Lilongwe.
*Meeting Clara & Rike, my German sisters from Madisi in Lilongwe.
*Meeting Malawian Tennis players, at the Black Missionaries Concert.
*Dancing and soaking in all the goodness of the

I am trying to taste and see all that I can, and I cannot believe all this ends here in few days…
Feeling somekind of way…

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Feeling Like Oprah!

You get a new pair of shoes, you get a new pair of shoes, you get a new pair of shoes!!”

Knowing how Oprah spoils grown adults with new things, this will be an even better way to give to people in need. I am not Oprah, however I do feel lucky knowing how great of a feeling a good surprise feels!  Today is a bittersweet day, my last day with my kids at RiseMalawi Ministries, but also a day for a sweet surprise.
On Meghan and I’s 26th Birthday, this last March, our parents gifted us with a new pair of shoes for the youth here. Thanks to the work of Za, Mavuto, and Tinashe our staff here at Rise, the youth will receive a pair of new shoes.  Although, bittersweet, I know God is shaping me for the next part of my life.
Id say thank you to Rise Malawi, Staff/friends, youth, My parents, Meghan and to all those friends and family supporting me in prayer.

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