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Yes!! I Fly Back to Malawi, Tomorrow!!

Mawa, Tomorrow!! Only a day away!!

So, you can tell I am excited! And a night owl! I am up with excitement, joy and procrastination. I hope I have everything, its only 2 weeks, but I am thrilled. The time as come, and I pray you can join in my peace!

The prayers my team needs are the following:

Packing & praying our bags make it to Malawi…We are bringing art supplies, and donated educational items, books, as well as shoes, underwear and soap!

Safe flight and good health… Holly, one of the girls on my trip, is flying for her first time EVER!! Pray her body react well, and that we all stay healthy!

My leadership..God has trusted me to lead, pray I can make good moves, and smart choices for the group. Pray I can guide, and not be in my own happy world. 🙂

Pray we can serve effectively… pray we can possess positive attitudes when we are tired, or hungry, that we can be creative with our book making lesson and our self confidence ESL lesson!

We will be in the village for 8 days, observing and serving in the RiseMalawi summer camp, as well as serving in Blantyre, giving to needy families. More to come, from Malawi!

Also, a friend, Nina has been in Malawi, since July 3rd, see her blog too..

ohhhh I’ve got to finish packing and sleep!


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6 Days Away

So, I know I do not write on this blog anymore, but now I feel its slightly worth it…since
In 6 days, I will be embarking on a new sort of journey. Ill be leading a trip to Malawi, 🙂

I am very very excited!
Holly, a friend of mine, intially got this trip going… She had always wanted to go to Malawi, after making some Malawian friends in Camden, NJ, but wanted my help planning her trip.
We had a group of potential people interested, and then due to trip costs, it ended up just being her, again. Whatever the reason, God has HIS plans.
Holly has never been on a plane, nor left the country. She told me, she would be more comfortable with me as her guide. Conflicted with finding a full time job, this has become it, and God made it clear, He wanted me in leadership.
Holly and I booked our tickets!
About a month later, I was in contact with two other young women, and they are also passionate about Malawi, and faithfully passionate about Jesus. In 6 days we will go, serve, pray, and seek God. We will attempt to love, pray for provision, and be the hands and feet of the Lord.

Oh, how you know I love the Warm Heart Of Africa! Oh, how I want others to love Malawi, too! I just cannot wait! ooo Malawi, here we come!


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