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It has been exactly one month since I arrived in the mainland, and I am still processing so much. My adjustment to moving to Miami is still kicking in, but I am pretty good at moving around, so I know I will settle in but keep those prayers coming. 

My move to Miami was no coincidence, I prayed A LOT, some of you prayed, and God keeps his promises. During my time in Malawi, I sought advice on how to hear God’s voice, and began to pray, for “what was next.” God showed up, I saw signs, and I even had confirmations in my dreams.

So, I am in Miami, Florida. I cannot say I got here on my own, it was God answering my prayers. So far my housing is taken care of, and my prayer is answered as I have a full time job! I am Program Coordinator at Urban Promise Ministries here in Little Havana Miami. I am currently seeking 5 year long interns, (18-25 y/o) to serve in facilitating our after school programs, serve in the community, and grow in faith. I am feeling extreme pressure to get the 5 interns in, because time is extremely against me right now…(I need the interns to commit for a year and be here to start training by mid aug) The internship is unpaid, with provided housing, food shopping money, and transport taken care of…with a $100/month/person stipend. SPREAD THIS WORD and PRAY with me. 

Thanks for waiting for me to update you all, thanks for staying engaged! Check out my facebook for pictures from Malawi!!! 


Photos to come…

I’v finally made it to Miami Florida, USA, and will soon be settled in my new home, with my new job. I am trying to continue blogging, yet still uncertain how to keep telling the stories of my journey in Malawi. I hope to use the photographs, and other media to draw you in the Warm Heart of the people and children I encountered…
Look forward to the pictures soon to come!
Thank you for waiting and still following…

Going “Home…”

I am still on a journey, just not to Malawi. I am still journeying from Malawi, and this will be a long process. I am still trying to hold on the values I’ve written about, the new values I learned during my time in Malawi.
For about 3 days I have been in New York City, wearing shorter than my norm for the past 5 months. New York has been an interesting way to come back to the US. but still I am able to reevaluate how to settle and what values to cling to.
Today I head “Home.” Camden/Philly here I come.

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