April 2012 Oh, How I am ready for you to end…

In my poetic update last time I said,
” Breathtaking beauty is brought to my attention by belief that God is an artist.
I find myself in a valley– times are unsettling, with new challenges daily.
Yet, the hilltops have heights that have me higher than high…”
And I mean every word. Metaphors and truths.

Where I live in Blantyre, it is much of a valley. Its hilly and no matter where you go, you will be walking up and down. Roads are steep and just to reach another point of interest you might start at a lower point than where you end up. Hence, my third line. “Yet, the hilltops have heights that have me higher than high.” I reach my destination I can stop and look and take in all the beauty surrounding me.

April 2012, oh, how I am ready for you to end, because of the valleys I have been trudging through. I’v experienced change in residence, some health problems, phone/internet issues, stress with visa/immigration issues, and uncertainty with my future. On the other hand, the hilltops I have enjoyed include easily connecting with the surrounding community, youth and camp leaders, joy reading the Word/memorizing Scripture and quickly feeling comfort here.

When I am stressed and struggling for hope, I know God is knocking at my door for my dependence on Him. Forever God is with us. His love endures forever. I know and believe that, even when we do not see or acknowledge Him. (And my hope for you is that you can know and believe this too) A friend often quotes a certain song lyric for strength and encouragement. “There is beauty in the breakdown...” She would say..and that is where line one of my previous post comes in. “Breathtaking beauty is brought to my attention by belief that God is an artist.” God ALWAYS has a hand in all that I/you am experiencing, hard or easy. God is by my side. Knowing this, it allows me to be sure there is beauty in the breakdown. The Lord has a reason for the struggles…

April has allowed me to struggle, which has me pondering what I am to learn while I am here?
April’s struggles have given me time to reflect on my life, and teach me how to move forward and make necessary changes in my life.
April’s reflections have redirected me. God is allowing me to endure the valleys, then lifting me up to admire the new beauties from the highest of heights.
Seriously, I understand purpose in struggling, and seeing others struggling, is a part of life, however, it is tough, and tiresome.

The breathtaking redemption to the struggle is that there is something to gain. There is beauty. Yes. Beauty in the struggle. Beauty in the breakdown. There are lessons I can take from hardships. We can all grow if we choose to look for the lesson. If we choose to point our thoughts to God, and to the beautiful lessons he wants us to gain from the struggles of this life.
Despite finding myself in those unsettling valleys, I am assured God will reach down and pull me up to reach new heights.

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