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Maize for Days, Yet Wishing for Water

Upon arriving back to Madisi, my lovely little village community, I’ve noted what is going on. People are greeting me, and amazed by the new confidence I have in speaking Chichewa, but there are so many more things to note.
It’s no longer the rainy season which is very evident due to the high grass and maize fields that have been burned down and observing creative african reuse the cobs from the maize for firewood.
Upon leaving Peoples, the local “grocery” store, where I have the employees as friends, and often buy my bottled water; I stopped to notice what was happening on a neighbors porch. Id say it was 10 women or so, practically drowning in maize kernels that were removed by hand to prepare for their families for maize flour, for the upcoming months. Not only the sight, but the sound; boy these women were having a blast! I mean, I was literally 20 steps to my house, but could not resist; I stopped, dropped my bag, and joined in. I wanted to laugh too(and help). Despite not knowing much chichewa beyond my 4 months of knowledge, I tried to communicate, and allowed the community to happen. Love & laughter were in the air, as we worked on burying ourselves deeper into the maize.
***The Maize here is the staple food, made for making nsima.

So to me it seems as if there is maize for days, yet I know many people will still suffer. In addition to these findings, I knew something else was different…
Tinashe’s kitchen is quaint and tidy, however, very different that what I am used to. There are at least 3 large drums of water, stored in the kitchen. Yes, we have a sink with a tap in the kitchen, but as of lately, its run dry. Now, if you do not already know, water usually comes 2-3 times a week to the tap. It is not always just “turn the knob and get water” type of kitchen sink I am used to. When the water comes, its pressure is very low, and Tinashe is generally up for 2-3 hours refilling the drums.
Now, you are aware of this typical day-to-day water crisis, but now, 7 days in counting we have not had any water. In fact, I have not seen the drums replenished with a drop of water since I returned on Wednesday. Not only here at our house, but all the taps in this trading center, and our only other alternatives are wells.

Picture with me…

a house with a toilet,
dirty dishes, dirty clothes,
dirty bodies/hands,
and thirsty bodies.
Without water coming from the tap, we are in need. We are in crisis.
With the alternative of fetching water from wells, well, that in itself is another blog post. (time to walk there, or money to hire someone on a bike/foot)
Its costly,
time-consuming &
quite unfair.
Not to mention, when the power gets shut off, and stores close early, buying water is no longer an option either.

It might sound silly, but we need prayer. We need water. I think of the less educated who are only use dirty water to feed the children, wash their bodies or clothes in polluted streams, or lastly, the toilets that cannot be flushed in the homes, because there is no water to fill the tank.

Last night Tinashe and I both had dreams about water coming out of the tap, and still nothing.

Please be praying…. this is injustice. With 80% of the country like this, access to clean water, can change lives

*Also, a favorite organization helping to change the lives of communities without clean water is Charitywater.org

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Finding Joy in Small Things!

I have come to discover there are many things I may take for granted in America, yet I also have noticed the things that can
easily be underappreciated here in Malawi too. Take a minute, close your eyes and think of the tiny victories in your life, today. Or
think of the small things that made you smile today, and be thankful. Wear this joy on your sleeve, make it contagious!!

Some of the things I am grateful for while being in Madisi, Malawi are:
*Power during my bucket shower: Lights on during my morning or night showers make pouring water on your body so much
better than knowing where to put your flashlight or to just go to be dirty….

*Spices! Tinashe is a wonderful cook! Last night I came home later than dinner, and the smell of curry decorated the house
so nicely. Mmmm Curry beans and Rice! (I loved it so much, I had it for breakfast the following day!)

*Time to say Hello! Now since I have been in town a few weeks, Tinashe often heads to the office prior to me. I do like walking
alone, since I rarely get to. The best part, it is disrespectful walk away while someone greets you. You should stop and have a
conversation, not just talk while walking away. I really like this. SOmetimes I forget how to say it in Chichewa, but there is
always grace! 🙂

*Skirts! Its a cultural norm for women to be wearing a skirt knee-length or longer, and now im grateful for it half the time. (I miss
skinny jeans) However its HOT, so its soo nice to have my legs free!!

*Water! We have water. Sometimes. Yet the way it’s collected here and the hours people spent filling containers with it, prevents sleep,
time in school and perhaps so miss out on work. SInce being in Madisi, We flush my toilet only when needed. When you flush your toilet
at home, do you ever wonder how my gallons or litters of water it takes simply for one use?

For us, when we flush we have to take a pitcher that is hung on the wall, fill it with the water that was hopefully refilled with the
tap water that sometimes comes in the middle of the night and refill the tank up to the top. I NOW know how wasteful that can be even
if you have water coming continuously out of your tap. As for us, it’s the only option. I am grateful every time there is water, and
it seems as though I would only come to this personal conclusion through such experiences.

YOU! Friends and Family: I am also very thankful to you my friends and my family. For financially supporting me. For praying for me.
For attending my events. For emailing me, keeping me updated on facebook and for visiting me in my dreams. 🙂

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