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Last Minute Jitters….

I will keep it short since I am feeling anxious!!

There has been so much prep  & prayers, I have faith all will be alright… however,

I need to get rest tonight & hope my bags are light enough.

Did I pack everything?

6:10am…. that is when my ride is coming?! Oh goodness. Will I be able to carry every bag? Will I make it to the right gate?

BLAH blah BlaH!

These are just a few things running through my head tonight.

Pick up time from my sister’s apartment in the lower east village: 6:10am

Time of departure for an international flight: 10:40 am

16 Hours of flying we will land in Johannesburg — then 2 hours to make sure my bags make it through and walk  on to my next plane.. To MALAWI.

At that time, I think I will feel waay less nervous, anxious or stressed.

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