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Politics asside…
I hope and pray all the best for the late President of Malawi, Bingu Wa Mutharika and family.
Today is a holdiday for the burial of Bindu. I have never in my lifetime experieced the death of a president while in office; and it is quite an experience. Tradgedy rather. Of course, I have only been here for about 3 months, so my knowledge on Bingu is slim, but I’d still hope he Rest In Peace.
Also, many people were able to view the body and I was one of them. Sanjika is the Presidential Palace here in Blantyre, and its about a 10 minute walk from my house; uphill. Once there, my camp leader and I waited in line about 2 hours, and finally got to “walk quickly” through the palace ordered by the police in order to see Bingu. Talk about experience. Talk about walking uphill for 2 hours to reach the Palace atop a hill and experience a glimpse of a presidential life.

Please Pray for Malawi. Right now, Joyce Banda, the 2nd woman president in Africa’s history has become President of Malawi, and transition of power is our current state. Poverty is a real issue she has to work out, and we need God’s mighty assistance. Pray for President Banda to make the best desicions and pray for better quality of life for the people of Malawi.
I think this moment marks one for the history books. (I will always remember this)

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