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Art Explosion!!!

Art Explosion!!!

My first abstract piece.
Turn it side to side, & it can be whatever you see!

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Unexplained Joy

21 days later
Joy in a box
colorful candy to share
chewing gum for the days my toothpaste runs out
truth. yes… maybe you do that also?
JEANS!! My skinny jeans!!
2 pairs in fact!
An Ipod, with a secret message of love
My twin sister has the best music taste!
Make-Up for the days I want to dress up, or feel extra pretty
oooh, sweedish fish….(wonder if Lake Malawi has those)….
Recycled Crossword Puzzles for my free time
Baby wipes, since Iv run dry
fitness reads, gotta get ready for summer 😉
A photo of my other half and me. On our bday trip to Miami a few years back
Watercolors, so I can test my creativity skills
and a toothbrush for those candies ill be chewing.
Seriously …. thanks to my sister, she is the best!
The Birthday box that arrived almost one month late, but with perfect

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