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Full Circle with Bruce on the Other Side of the World!

Today, I get to see Dr. Bruce Main, the founder of UrbanPromise Ministries, headquartered in Camden, NJ, USA…here in Madisi, Malawi! My journey to Malawi would not have happened if I never ended up in Camden, nor if I did not meet Bruce!  Yes, I think after 4 years of being affiliated with him, I will call him Bruce; not because I think I have some sort of in or something, but because, if you have ever met him, you know that’s what he’d recommend.

If you do not know about Urban Promise Ministries, google it, and check us out. Out of Urban Promise, came Urban Promise International: Malawi… Rise Malawi, and Rays of Hope, where I am currently serving!

The Warm Heart of Africa is where I have really done quite a lot of soul-searching, self-discovery, relationship building with friends and with God, lots of reading, teaching and learning! It might have been months after I returned from my first trip to Malawi, that Bruce encouraged me to go back. Not only did he encourage me, but he prayed for me and answered tons of questions during my days journeying in Camden, away from family and the things I thought I knew about life….

Bruce, I am so thankful and happy I took the leap of faith you always encouraged me to take… without these 5 months in my life, I would be a different Molly.

Thanks & today,  let us have a good time with the kids, community and Rise Malawi!

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