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Uncertain Headspace

This weekend was perfect.
*Shannon, a friend from the states has been preparing to come serve in Malawi, we I got to help greet her at the airport.
*At the airport, I ran into 3 PC Volunteers, one who I had already met months before, that was a cool connection!
*Traveling to Senga Bay, again, this time with new/old friends! It was so much fun. I played leader with the most experience, and speaking the most chichewa. šŸ˜€
*Laying in the hot sun in my bikini, yes, Bikini in Malawi.
*Talking culture, life, and stories with Germans, canadians & locals.
*Dancing, chatting, laughing and picture taking of kids! Especially those ones saying, “Azungu!! How are you?!”
*Talking to the coolest fisherman, and learning how they work.
*Watching them start their work as the sunset & welcoming them back at 5am/to see the sunrise.


*The numbers of fish, the sound of water on shore, chichewa spoken quickly to sell fish, and neon colors as the sun arose.
*Making friends in the market, simply due to eating/knowing the local pastries.
*Trading goods for goods
*Owning a hand crafted Jembe!!
*Riding in the back of a truck with about 20 people; clinging to each other for support.
*Sharing stories in the minibus back to Lilongwe.
*Meeting Clara & Rike, my German sisters from Madisi in Lilongwe.
*Meeting Malawian Tennis players, at the Black Missionaries Concert.
*Dancing and soaking in all the goodness of the

I am trying to taste and see all that I can, and I cannot believe all this ends here in few days…
Feeling somekind of way…

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Adventure Time!

Just before I sleep, I wanted you all to know about the ADVENTURE ill be on in the hours creeping up on me… As per advice from some friends back home, Kate and Jarrod Schafer, who used to live in Malawi– I am headed to LAKE MALAWI, SENGA BAY! Google image this! Ā The Lake is a great attraction of Malawi, and tomorrow is the day I will see it! Senga Bay, here I come! Isaac, a good friend of mine who I got to know from Blantyre (both times I’ve come to Malawi) and I are going to find the Jem that Senga Bay is! We will start by taking some minibuses and possibly jump into the back of a truck for the second part of the trip.

The first trip to Malawi, my group was unable to see Lake Malawi, but this time, with only 16 days remaining, its on my bucketlist of things to do before I leave. Not to mention, we will check out theĀ restaurant, CoolĀ Running’s, since EVERYONE says its also a must! I will try to post pictures when I return in the evening!

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The body, not a building…

What is the Church?
And is it a “make-you-or-break-you” life decision to attend?
Is church a building with pretty stained glass windows, or a choir of believers Praising the God who created them?

Before I left for this journey to Malawi, I sometimes “dumbed down” the gospel, hid my light under a bushel…
But now, the prayers of my supporters are coming to fruition in my life. I asked for people to pray Id be BOLD for Christ, and
BOLD in general. Jesus was Bold when He performed Miracles, and we can also be BOLD when we trust in Him.

I found myself walking…. where was I going, I don’t even remember, but 3 guys, (about my age) were passing me. I greet them in their native tongue and
surprised they laugh and say, “You know chichewa?!” Just a little caught off guard, they replied and there we stood for the next 25 minutes becoming
acquainted with one another. In those 25ish minutes, I was able to learn quite a bit.
They love God, they believe in Him, and know Jesus, however none of the worship services they’ve attended taught them something new, or challenged them to know God
It was one of those situations where I did not fully understand why we crossed paths, but THANKS BE TO GOD, I am so happy it did.
They are my friends now, we meet for nightly chats about
music (michael is obsessed with the rock music on my IPOD)
tv, cartoons,
food (mostly bc I bring it up),
I am continually challenged by my purpose in life, and how I represent myself and Christ to the world around me. One of my goals set out for my journey here was to be
BOLD for Christ.
only for me, but for the sake of Christ, and for the sake of the lost. And it is also not for me to brag or boast about, but for me to be a challenged, humble and kind servant for
Christ, and others.

Many Christians are proud, and do boast, for they act as if sharing Christ is a thing to tick off of their “to-do list.”
However, the Jesus I know and the Jesus that is real in my life —
Love is not just something to say, or a feeling, but its an action, rather a lifestyle.

In the states, my home community of believers live on the word that CHURCH is not a building, but a body of believers.
Jesus says in Matthew chapter 18:20 “For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there I am in the midst of them.”…That is the Church.
So that day, I met Mike, Michael and Maclean, and got to understand their faith, we confirmed we are the body. We are the church.

Only if we Christians prayed continuously, repent for the hate we have for others and emulate Christ, can we house the homeless with a place to call home, spiritually.
Practically speaking, let us commit to prayer, love, and
living like Christ for this
might be the only way to reveal Christ to people who are searching. (or the
only way to reopen their hearts to really search for a place to grow deeper in their faith.)

I am thankful to the people in my life who encourage me to grow in my walk with God; learn more about the Word, rely on Scripture, love the poor as a lifestyle,
be the hands and feet of Christ.
Friends, old and new,
Fellow Travelers,
Roommates, former and present,
Cell group friends

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Short and Sweet

Close your eyes, imagine a beautiful sunny day, lush green pastures, a simple road with no signs, a car every 30 minutes, if that…walking along the road with 4 new german friends, no care in the world, and spontenaity all around!
Now, Google Image Search: Lake Malawi and Nkhotakota
and know I had a lovely time, and God faithfully provided a means of transportation after walking for 2 hours. Life is good. I hope you have a story for me too!

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