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Culture Shock…

My total travel time tops up over 30 hours! Yesterday, I was in three African countries in one day….whew! Lots of airport hoping and exhaustion.

Taking my first steps out of JFK Airport in NYC today, I was greeted by the warm early morning sun. My body felt confused on what time it was and what season we are in. I left Malawi during ‘winter,’ and entered NYC during a heat wave. I got more sleep on the plane than expected, and was more rested when I reunited with my sister, Meghan today.

17 Floors in one building…. to see that while entering an elevator, or to notice the steering wheel on the left side instead of the right, were just little ways my eyes have readjusted to the cultural norms in the U.S, and specifically, NYC.
I rested a lot today, and tonight, put on a dress, shorter than anything I had worn in Malawi, and went out to get ICECREAM. sister bonding of course. Colliding with trendy people, and loud streets, I am encountering a bit of culture shock…
I think when I wake up tomorrow I will be awoken by the sounds of sirens, construction, loud residents, and the zipping of cars…
I will miss the morning sounds of a rooster, the sun beaming through my net and the sounds of morning chores. (sweeping and mopping)
I guess I will still sip some Chombe Tea. ❤

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