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Night Owl, or Morning Person

This is dedicated to my mom, dad, and my sister. (Meg, all those hs days) Also, my alarm clock, sorry for hitting you so many times.

The Molly McCormick you all know, by all means is a “night owl.” I love being up late, and that is where I get most of my energy. Right? Yes! Not much has changed, but since being in Malawi, I have embraced a slightly new outlook.

If you are any of the following people reading this, please know this might be a jaw dropping read for you:

  • My Mom or Dad
  • Meghan, my twin sister
  • Tinashe, my current roommate
  • Janelle, my fellow morning snoozer/roommate
  • My old ALARM clock (Snooze button)
  • And any former roommates…

I am getting up when I wake up. Alarm or not!

Yes its true. Sometime I wake up to children playing outside, mostly the rooster, other livestock or the sound of someone chopping wood. I usually set my alarm for 8am. By then Tinashe and Chikondi have been up, awake and have long started their days.

Inspired, maybe…

Commanded/Convicted, a bit…

Convinced Mom has been right all these years, basically.

24 hours in one day, and often I wish for more. Time always slips through, might as well EMBRACE what I have. (Of course while I am writing this, its middle of the night, but due to some other reasons, I am unable to sleep.)

The first noise that wakes me up in the morning is my new alarm clock. I choose to rise from slumber, and take on the day. I am trying to embrace this new action, and to take time to Thank the Good Lord Above for giving another beautiful morning to see.

Oh, Malawi… how good you are to me. 

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Sunday Mornings…

In Camden I attend church in the evening…. which is such a treat. This morning, I woke up at 6am, and attended a church service with my “azungu” friends from Germany. They are 3 girls around my age, serving a year here in Malawi. I am extremely lucky to have found a great friendship/community with them, and their larger German community here in Malawi. They are serving their time with St. Francis Catholic Parish, here in Madisi, and this morning, I sacrificed my sleep to join them in worship. Ha.

It was really the best 6am morning I have had since being here. Most of my 6am mornings involve me trying to block out the sound of the dogs barking, children playing or the woman next door chopping wood. I walked about 10 mins, then paid a bicycle taxi to take me to the church about a mile away. A thrill of a ride on the back, my smile as bright as the sun. Then it was five minutes to 7am, and I was about to enter the church. What was beautiful about this morning were the children  I know from Rise Malawi attending church. Praying, and even giving offerings. I would say about 400+ people attend this service…and wow! How humble to see the poor give. literally. It’s a beautiful act of service, and quite an act of humility. It was beautiful to see the 40 women singing and dancing in the choir, to the simple beat of a jembe.

Worshiping God is beautiful especially when we notice all our provisions. …

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