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Worship through Art

A day we came together to fast and pray

And we all cried out to the Lord. God has given me an artsy bone recently, & I am trying to be open to that. (I usually do not know what to do with ART?!?)

So, I went to my room, closed the door, continued to hear the prayers from down the hall, and wanted to share this simple yet complex picture. To the eye,  ya maybe it looks like a kid drew it, but God filled me with the Spirit, and I drew

with scriptures in my mind. 

So, we were praying for the lost

The cross has Jesus drawn on as the RED HEART. Without His blood, shed for us, death would be eternal.

The greens and blues represent the world, and all of us living in the world, the black is the sin, that we are consumed by and if you see the bit of purple you might think Royalty. Yes, Jesus is royalty, and the greatest part is, God sacrificed his son, purely for us, he wants us to be stainless and pure and God sees us as beautiful children and sweet to his sight.

The Light coming down from the top of the picture is not accurate of the day of Christs’ Death, but 3 days later when He rose again, and God’s promise was fulfilled. Also, I think it’s the Holy Spirit living among us…

There are hills and mountains, valleys and sky…. all that is for us to know that with or without Christ we will have good days and bad days. We will be high on the hilltops and low in the darkest of valleys. However, with Christ, there is Hope in those valleys, and thanksgiving too.

The path to the cross is wide and so are the many paths in life…but living a life with Christ is not easy, nor will everyone be there. So the road is thick before the base of the cross; and its colors the same as the people there below.

The road at the base of the cross is very narrow, and like I mentioned, it’s not easy or for everyone. It takes discipline, life changing decisions, repentance, Christ in your heart, the Holy Spirit in your life, and God as your guide. Again, the yellow is knowing, that the cross, and Jesus are “The way the truth and the life…” Also, you can see that narrow path is surrounded by the blackness of sin and death. We can either distract ourselves as Christians and fall into the darkness, or we can stay on the path and lean on Christ.

Please comment, correct me, ask questions and remember to pray for those who you know are living in that dark, dark world. We are so in need of the blood shed on the cross, ask about how new life is possible!

All the glory to God

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City Girl Goes Back to the Village; With another Poem in her Pocket

Yesterday, I left Blantyre. It was a bittersweet day, but I wanted to keep my promise to my kids in Madisi, and to my staff at Rise Malawi Ministries.
One of my new friends, Gilbert, who lives in Blantyre offered to drive me to Lilongwe, then from there, I caught a bigbus to Madisi.
Think of it as a little roadtrip, with friends and laughter, a fun truck stop for drinks, and then stories as we drove into the dark of night.
As we were driving, sadly I did not have my pen and paper…but in my head I came up with some ideas as I saw the sun setting.
Today, I came up with this poem inspired by what was seen….

Close your eyes
count to ten
The Sun has Gone to Hide
as we drive
the scenes have changed
The Sun has Gone to Hide
glimpses of light
pop out of the clouds
The Sun has Gone to Hide
time elapses
light gets dimmer
The Sun has Gone to Hide
Open your eyes
say “ready or not”
try to seek…
The Sun has Gone to Hide

Happy to be back in the village, I hope to continue exploring my creative side. I pray you all find your creativity inside you too!

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100 Sunsets, and they are all so unique

100 Sunsets, and they are all so unique

Can you imagine 99 more prettier than this?!

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Art Explosion!!!

Art Explosion!!!

My first abstract piece.
Turn it side to side, & it can be whatever you see!

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Top 10

I began this post on Thursday by trying to recap in words how incredible my visit to Kondanani Orphanage was….and then, as my week went on, I decided to help you picture yourself here with me in the midst of all good things happening here. Please comment!!

1. Kondanani Orphanage visit: Met amazing children, staff and got to explore a safe place where orphans can experience life. Got to talk to the founders about my experiences with adoption and stories about adoption.
2. Spontaneous invitation to homecell prayer group with neighbors: Literally some girls said, “Come pray with us!” It was a great evening to enter into someone’s home and pray for the community, and our families.
3. Anges: She is a 13 year old, in 11th grade, writing her graduation exams this june. Her birthday was today! Last night, I joined her 2 brothers, (both rays of hope students) and her at her house for dinner. In the power out, we sang songs of praise to God, with light just from one flame. After 30 minutes or so, the lights lit up the house, and we broke bread together. Friday, the following day, I took Agnes out for bday cake! Now, 14, she inspires me, and I am so thankful that she has “befriended” me.
4. Making connections at a new church: A pentacostal church in town is where many expat and malawians and foriegners meet to worship together in English. Might be a glimpse of Heaven. People from Canada, Pittsburg/Messiah College (she knows some of my best friends) Asia, Congo, Sweeden, Malawi and beyond.
5. Students are impacted by my English classes: I’ve taken over teaching English for one of our camp leaders. Whenever I get the chance, I try to create creative ways of learning English. Also, I’ve hosted 2 English lessons for those who were interested in learning more! Both sessions, 10-12 kids came out and got special attention for 2+ hours! This has been encouraging to me, insightful and allowed me to become more creative! God is truly molding me. (I am interested in Teaching English…professionally! Comment if you know how its possible)
6. One of the guys from Rays of Hope Futbol team, accepted Christ! 😀 He is considered a youth, but possibly in his 20’s or late 20’s. He told Willie that he has accepted Christ into his life and even wants to share this amoung the team. This is actually the mission of the team.
7. Being Active: I’ve been a part of a ZUMBA class! My sister is always encouraging my family to be active; and my dad is always saying, “Take care of your body now, so your not aching later…” Through Zumba, walking around town, and even a bit of hiking I am learning to enjoy a healthy body. Not to mention, I attended a Salsa dance night here in Malawi taught by a scottish girl. Yes, she really knew what she was doing!
8. Finding love: God is Love, and I am learning He is my provider, and my shield. Reading the Bible is a bit easier these days, and living out the life Christ has laid before us, helps me stay focused on what life is really about. (Not to mention Iv had some really powerful conversations with friends this week about how God is moving in their life! Please tell me your stories, too!)
9. Art: Throughout the past few weeks, I can only attribute it to God that I’ve enjoyed painting with watercolors, drawing with pencil, and allowed my attraction to abstract art, to allow me to try my own. I’ve painted graffiti and during a prayer time — God gave me this beautiful picture. 😀
10. Lengwe National Park trip: Yay!! 120+ students, staff and the Rays of Hope futbol team, all packed lunches and boarded a charter bus. Singing songs, and chants, happy children they were, we were off! The futbol team had a game, and we took the youth to see this National Park! I got to play with monkeys! The kids seem to have a good time, but more trips would be way useful for them. 🙂 It was a beautiful place & forever these memories will be with us!

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Colors & Textures: Life in Blantyre

Full of colors, faster paced life, businesses.

Chilamoni where I stay I am surrounded byTEXTURES in every direction.
From dusty gravel roads to jaged stones as a pathway; hand made bricks in all hues of
redish orange to fresh fruits and vegetables of all different shapes and colors.
Angles that allow you to appreciate and houses in hues from the an artist’s palet.
Wind blows, and my skin shivers. I feel good. This expression of the earth makes all things new and warm and good.
Breathtaking beauty is brought to my attention by belief that God is an artist.
I find myself is a valley– times are unsettling, with new challenges daily.
Yet, the hilltops have heights that have me higher than high…

I know this is not now the time for full comprehention, however, someday Ill understand the lessons for which I am passing through and see why the struggle to the top was so tough.

Seriously, if I am not fascinated with the make and model of the mwuezi(moon), I am obsessed with the abundance of colors God splashed in the sun
Setting up a back drop for the prettiest photographs — only for my mind to capture.
Night is near, with a subtle exchange to the afternoon, and I hope one day I can recreate the depth of this serenity
You have to see to believe, that this is the WARM HEART OF AFRICA for yourself.

When I awake and arise from my slumber in the early morning,
Madzi is slowing boiling for the shower I shall soak up..
Adding some flowing water from the faucet, I prep for the day.
Two legs in my skirt, which skirt/shirt combination today?
Breakfast; bread & butter plain or taken with Chombe tea?? grown just an hour away in lushious green fields…
A trip to town, grab my kwacha.
Sometimes crispy money, most of the time, wrinkled, overused and dirty–so I walk to the bus depot
Down the unpaved trail, across the river, hope to hop to the rocks that rise out of the water…faithfully I leap!
Passing shops with open doors, music blarring on the radio, mostly praising God;
Catching stares from the littlest ones — maybe they’ve never seen someone like me before;
I am there
I am greeted,
Madzuka Bwangi? I reply, dadzuka Bwino, Zizomo!!
The minibuses* zipping by with the callerman shouting “80Kwacha to town,” I climb inside, and squeeze in. Crowded with people in colorful dress,
carrying brown potatoes, green apples and furry, lively chickens
Put- put- put as the petrol in this country is scarce, I pray we progress
Picking up people along the way, this is how Malawi’s bus system works.
One out, 3 more in. Did I mention the squeeze?
Personal space is no comfort here, the callerman is now the conductor and he collects coins and bills.
We whip around corners and sometimes I secretly suggest for seatbelts….
In town, the streets buzz with people. Smiles abound, and hands seeking change.

Here, I am overcome with the beauty I am exposed to
I’v become more creative & have aquired an attraction to art.
Remember to look around, to reach up and smell the flowers around you.
Pick one off the limb and feel the texture, and then offer it as a random gift.
I beg you
Sense it all

*Minibuses are 15 passenger vans. Not buses. Come to Malawi – experience the fun. 🙂

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