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Politics asside…
I hope and pray all the best for the late President of Malawi, Bingu Wa Mutharika and family.
Today is a holdiday for the burial of Bindu. I have never in my lifetime experieced the death of a president while in office; and it is quite an experience. Tradgedy rather. Of course, I have only been here for about 3 months, so my knowledge on Bingu is slim, but I’d still hope he Rest In Peace.
Also, many people were able to view the body and I was one of them. Sanjika is the Presidential Palace here in Blantyre, and its about a 10 minute walk from my house; uphill. Once there, my camp leader and I waited in line about 2 hours, and finally got to “walk quickly” through the palace ordered by the police in order to see Bingu. Talk about experience. Talk about walking uphill for 2 hours to reach the Palace atop a hill and experience a glimpse of a presidential life.

Please Pray for Malawi. Right now, Joyce Banda, the 2nd woman president in Africa’s history has become President of Malawi, and transition of power is our current state. Poverty is a real issue she has to work out, and we need God’s mighty assistance. Pray for President Banda to make the best desicions and pray for better quality of life for the people of Malawi.
I think this moment marks one for the history books. (I will always remember this)

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The key question to keep asking is, “Are you spending your time on the right things? Because time is all you have.” —Randy Pausch

The key question to keep …

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Short and Sweet

Close your eyes, imagine a beautiful sunny day, lush green pastures, a simple road with no signs, a car every 30 minutes, if that…walking along the road with 4 new german friends, no care in the world, and spontenaity all around!
Now, Google Image Search: Lake Malawi and Nkhotakota
and know I had a lovely time, and God faithfully provided a means of transportation after walking for 2 hours. Life is good. I hope you have a story for me too!

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Worth the Wait

My 1st Soccer game

My 1st adventure. One of my favorite pictures so far. The community event, futbol match. Despite the rain drops, people come around for the games…before I got inside, I snapped this picture. Once I entered, all eyes were on me. Once people saw I had a camera, people wanted a portrait of themselves. It was a lot of fun, smiles and laughs.

Last Minute Jitters….

I will keep it short since I am feeling anxious!!

There has been so much prep  & prayers, I have faith all will be alright… however,

I need to get rest tonight & hope my bags are light enough.

Did I pack everything?

6:10am…. that is when my ride is coming?! Oh goodness. Will I be able to carry every bag? Will I make it to the right gate?

BLAH blah BlaH!

These are just a few things running through my head tonight.

Pick up time from my sister’s apartment in the lower east village: 6:10am

Time of departure for an international flight: 10:40 am

16 Hours of flying we will land in Johannesburg — then 2 hours to make sure my bags make it through and walk  on to my next plane.. To MALAWI.

At that time, I think I will feel waay less nervous, anxious or stressed.

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Thank You

Thank You!

If you have asked me about Malawi,  if you have said a prayer for me, if you have attended/helped an event to support my journey… Thank You.

A loss for words?! That is very foreign to me. However, my tears of joy last night spoke to for me. We raised over $700.00, when my goal left was $600.00! The money was literally raised it 2 hours! Thank You! People came out from all walks of life, parts of New Jersey, Wilmington DE, and  Philadelphia, including some people showing up who I just met! Words of encouragement, and cheer I received… Wow! I am seriously lucky! The people who I am surrounded by are truly incredible! I am assured that I have people who care for me, who ask about and who pray for the biggest adventure in my life–which is following God’s command for me to serve in Malawi for the next 5 months.

Thank you for raising a glass or two … or  for buying a raffle ticket, or 20! What an encouraging community. Thank you for expressing to me God’s Love. A love that acts, that is diligent and a love that is not self-seeking.

                                                                                                …I am blessed upon blessed…

Seriously, Thank You.


Speak English?

My style of travel is to challenge myself to know a bit more than just English. Typically the norm in our culture is to expect everything to be written, posted or even spoken in English. I dismiss that notion and move to a different beat.

I am extremely fortunate to know many Malawians here in Camden, NJ, & lucky because I have a head start on some of my Chichewa lessons. Chichewa, the main language spoken in Malawi is unique, but is a little difficult for my mouth to remember. In Chichewa, W’s follow right after B’s and M’s and W’sare close friends. Difficult for my month to remember because English was my mouth’s first language. My mouth is not used to a word like mwana;  which means child.

                                     Try it!  Say mwana.  Do you agree it is a bit of a bizarre feeling?

I am so happy I have had the the opportunity to learn words, phrases and formal greetings. Late last night I was given the opportunity to practice some of my skills, my friend Isaac who lives in Malawi was proud of me too!

I said, ” Zikomo! i cannot wait!! keep me in your prayers, I still need a bit more money to be raise/donated, and travel plans to work out… 🙂 miss you guys for sure.

Isaac Chikwawa replied, “Will keep on praying 4 u,wow,u can even write chichewa on your own? Amazing!!”
                     ndili wosangalala! Zikomo!
                         (I am happy, Thank you)


Today I find myself in New York City. I am here working with, a wonderful organization that focuses on providing clean drinking water to women, children and communities! It is something to be celebrated. Tonight the event is being held at the ever famous 69th Regiment Armory, with a complete Water Walk were people attempt to carry two jerrycans filled with water on a runway; there will be exhibits with great lighting (light fixtures done by yours truly.) and so much more.

The reason I find myself in New York, supporting such a cause for this event, is the dire need for WATER. Water is a scarcity in many places including Malawi. Many of the programs I will visit host kids and youth who walk for miles before school collecting water for the families’ daily needs. Its Water. How many times in 1 day to you come into contact with it? For me it’s often.

Everyday I am in contact with water, whether a shower or a glass of water…It would be safe to say most Americans have that option. We can all be a little more aware, and all a little less wasteful. Say I pray for those without a water supply. Click here and select Malawi Initiatives and type in MollytoMalawi to give a financial tax-deductible gift towards education. I will be tutoring and teaching English, teaching about basic needs, Water included!

Remember those without Water, and remember you can be a part of the change, by bringing more water to more people.


Woah, It is starting to feel real


Yesterday I was calling South African Airlines and Ethiopian Airlines…trying to book a flight! Woah, God is making this process very clear. I am supposed to get to Malawi. Of course I have not booked the flight quite yet, but I am shooting for January 2012. It is starting to feel real. Oh yes! And I booked an appointment to get my travel shots & my Malaria Meds prescribed.  YUP! It is real when you are traveling overseas.

It will be are great journey, I know that for sure…..

I am eager to get there, but there is still so much I am not quite ready for.


I am so excited to start this blog! Of course I have been saying and have been told that I should have started a blog to help draw attention toward my trip, but hey, better late than never! So, I am hoping to go back to Malawi Africa, for a 6 month period.  I will be working with youth programs started by College Graduates from Malawi.

In order to cover my flight, meds/shots, travel insurance, cost of living, and other fees while I am traveling, I have put on fundraisers, worked odd jobs, prayed and asked friends and family for support. Since September, I have raised $3,324. I have about $4,000 left. My goal to leave is January & thankfully God is guiding me in this day by day.
Check out the site for who I will be working,, and also, if you feel so inclined to give, click here (Select “Malawi Initiatives” and type in MollytoMalawi in the box)

I'll be teaching English -- empowering souls, I hope

Young boy working on English practice at RiseMalawi UPI

Check it out! Search the UPI site, and browse my photos.