Some say life is a Beautiful Struggle, and sometimes,  for me and my journey to and from the motherland, and Malawi, I’d agree.

The time back was beyond great, and especially amazing to see two friends fall absolutely in love with Malawi, RiseMalawi, and the culture that captivated me — I could not have asked for a better trip back. (lets do it again, anyone, want to come, email me,

The beautiful struggle still sits in my head, as to how I can get back there, stay there, get paid to travel, get paid to work with children, get paid to actually make a difference in someone’s life and live a life that brings joy and purpose into practice.

Thoughts swirl round and round in my head, as I process the interactions we encountered, the people I missed, the impact I hope I had, the kids I got to see again, and the new opportunities that came with leading this trip.

What’s next?

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One thought on “Metacognition

  1. andreah0pe says:

    Hey lovie, so the advice someone gave me was to look up someone who is doing what you want to do and then ask them how they got there. It seems a bit forward to email some people you don’t know and expect them to be some kind of mentor, but I think it’s definitely worth a try. Either way, I have full confidence in you, you will attract the kinds of opportunities you are looking for because you are mindful of the energy you put out.

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