Uncertain Headspace

This weekend was perfect.
*Shannon, a friend from the states has been preparing to come serve in Malawi, we I got to help greet her at the airport.
*At the airport, I ran into 3 PC Volunteers, one who I had already met months before, that was a cool connection!
*Traveling to Senga Bay, again, this time with new/old friends! It was so much fun. I played leader with the most experience, and speaking the most chichewa. 😀
*Laying in the hot sun in my bikini, yes, Bikini in Malawi.
*Talking culture, life, and stories with Germans, canadians & locals.
*Dancing, chatting, laughing and picture taking of kids! Especially those ones saying, “Azungu!! How are you?!”
*Talking to the coolest fisherman, and learning how they work.
*Watching them start their work as the sunset & welcoming them back at 5am/to see the sunrise.


*The numbers of fish, the sound of water on shore, chichewa spoken quickly to sell fish, and neon colors as the sun arose.
*Making friends in the market, simply due to eating/knowing the local pastries.
*Trading goods for goods
*Owning a hand crafted Jembe!!
*Riding in the back of a truck with about 20 people; clinging to each other for support.
*Sharing stories in the minibus back to Lilongwe.
*Meeting Clara & Rike, my German sisters from Madisi in Lilongwe.
*Meeting Malawian Tennis players, at the Black Missionaries Concert.
*Dancing and soaking in all the goodness of the

I am trying to taste and see all that I can, and I cannot believe all this ends here in few days…
Feeling somekind of way…

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