Do You Know Where You are Going?

Death, yeah its inevitable. Everyone will die. That is the harsh reality of this world. I only hope people die with dignity, and know they were loved on earth, and eternally by the Creator. Everyday we see examples that remind us a death. Death can even be like a metaphor; dying to something, and changing your old habits into new, healthy habits.

As a child of God, and someone who believes wholeheartedly in Jesus, I too want the lost to return home. To know Christ fully, and to walk with the faith knowing that their fate, is only in their Father’s hands.

Today I heard of some physical deaths here and at home, and how heartbreaking. An ended life and unanswered questions… however what stings for me the most is thinking, ugh, I wonder if they knew God? I wondered where they ended up? Did I ask the hard questions? Did I show Christ’s love? Did I lay down my life for others…

I guess, I can only do better. There is nothing I can do but pray, and be more like Him. We all can. Truly, that is life’s purpose; to Glorify God, and to share that news.

In this conversation about death, it is also about love and community, family and growth. Everyone knows someone who has died. Close to them, or a distant relative but we all have that in common. Death as my friend Kim said tonight, brings family together. When a loved one leaves us, many come together, here in Malawi, communities come together, and share in the mourning. Sharing this time, is an act of love, and through this, growth happens.(These also apply when you are changing old habits to new ones in your life. What can you die to today?)

What in you life is worth dying, so you can live more fully?

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