Brrrr…. It’s Chilly!!

Senga Bay was beautiful and chilly! Yes, friends, Malawi is winter season now, and COLD! Senga Bay was fun to see, and much like the ocean. Waves and all, but too cold to fully submerge my entire body in. Thanks for keeping up with my posts, I will try to keep you posted for my final two weeks!

Cant wait to be warm in the hot humid sun in the states….but enjoying my final days…

I’m drinking my tea, in my sweatshirt, socks and sleeping soon…..

One thought on “Brrrr…. It’s Chilly!!

  1. Janelle says:

    One of my most surreal and funny Madisi memories is Za showing up in his puffy winter coat and hat one day. Never thought I’d see that in Malawi! You’ll be in the Miami heat soon enough!

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