Adventure Time!

Just before I sleep, I wanted you all to know about the ADVENTURE ill be on in the hours creeping up on me… As per advice from some friends back home, Kate and Jarrod Schafer, who used to live in Malawi– I am headed to LAKE MALAWI, SENGA BAY! Google image this!  The Lake is a great attraction of Malawi, and tomorrow is the day I will see it! Senga Bay, here I come! Isaac, a good friend of mine who I got to know from Blantyre (both times I’ve come to Malawi) and I are going to find the Jem that Senga Bay is! We will start by taking some minibuses and possibly jump into the back of a truck for the second part of the trip.

The first trip to Malawi, my group was unable to see Lake Malawi, but this time, with only 16 days remaining, its on my bucketlist of things to do before I leave. Not to mention, we will check out the restaurant, Cool Running’s, since EVERYONE says its also a must! I will try to post pictures when I return in the evening!

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