Sunday Mornings…

In Camden I attend church in the evening…. which is such a treat. This morning, I woke up at 6am, and attended a church service with my “azungu” friends from Germany. They are 3 girls around my age, serving a year here in Malawi. I am extremely lucky to have found a great friendship/community with them, and their larger German community here in Malawi. They are serving their time with St. Francis Catholic Parish, here in Madisi, and this morning, I sacrificed my sleep to join them in worship. Ha.

It was really the best 6am morning I have had since being here. Most of my 6am mornings involve me trying to block out the sound of the dogs barking, children playing or the woman next door chopping wood. I walked about 10 mins, then paid a bicycle taxi to take me to the church about a mile away. A thrill of a ride on the back, my smile as bright as the sun. Then it was five minutes to 7am, and I was about to enter the church. What was beautiful about this morning were the children  I know from Rise Malawi attending church. Praying, and even giving offerings. I would say about 400+ people attend this service…and wow! How humble to see the poor give. literally. It’s a beautiful act of service, and quite an act of humility. It was beautiful to see the 40 women singing and dancing in the choir, to the simple beat of a jembe.

Worshiping God is beautiful especially when we notice all our provisions. …

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2 thoughts on “Sunday Mornings…

  1. Kim McKeown says:

    I look forward to your updates and get a big smile on my face when I picture you there in your element. What a blessing Molly!! I know you don’t take it for granted and you can tell in your notes to us. 🙂 May you continue to see the beauty of that land and the people who you encounter. Enjoy every moment and continue to take notice of everything around you.

    Love you my friend…..

  2. What a sweet time for you and your community. Your words paint such a beautiful picture that I can almost imagine myself there with you!

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