I made It!

…The land is so many shades of green with air smelling of

wood burning. It feels incredible to be back! I know I stand

out, (I hear childrens saying.. “azungu”..) but I feel

comfortable and at home. This car ride from the airport, if

only you can experience each of the five senses with me!

Many variations of clouds dance in the sky; beautifully

scattered about. Oh, and this breeze… cool cool air flying in

and out of the windows. Sunglasses on and I gaze into the sky

searching for the source of heat I feel.  Then I stare into the warm sun

as if I had been in hibernation for half a year. Regae pop music from the

car radio ignites my ears with joy and I smile, for I am happy to feel all these

emotions.  In every direction the road is adorned with people in beauiful hues

of colorful clothing; bicyclists go to and fro  and vendors

 roadside selling goods. 

Malawi is not called the “Warm Heart of Africa” by mistake.

… this is a journal entry from my car ride from the

airport with my friend Movuti and to my dear sister, Tinahe’s house.

Traveling went smooth. Thank you for the prayers. More to come when I buy my internet card next week. Prayer for no power outages, or limted ones at least, and you will hear from me!

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5 thoughts on “I made It!

  1. sweet! glad to hear you made it ok. Say hi to malawi for us!

  2. Krista says:

    Beautifully written sis! Thanks for the update 🙂 mwah P.S. Send my love to Tinashe!

  3. Janelle says:

    Can’t wait for more stories and pictures ahead 🙂 say hi to the madisi crew for me!

  4. Eric says:

    That sounds beautiful. How does the land feel? I’d imagine it feels old, familiar. Like your grandfathers old armchair or something… I’m glad this trip is happening, the rejuvenation and excitement I’ve seen build in you was amazing. I can only IMAGINE how much good you’re going to do now that your feet have finally touched ground. 🙂

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