Thank You

Thank You!

If you have asked me about Malawi,  if you have said a prayer for me, if you have attended/helped an event to support my journey… Thank You.

A loss for words?! That is very foreign to me. However, my tears of joy last night spoke to for me. We raised over $700.00, when my goal left was $600.00! The money was literally raised it 2 hours! Thank You! People came out from all walks of life, parts of New Jersey, Wilmington DE, and  Philadelphia, including some people showing up who I just met! Words of encouragement, and cheer I received… Wow! I am seriously lucky! The people who I am surrounded by are truly incredible! I am assured that I have people who care for me, who ask about and who pray for the biggest adventure in my life–which is following God’s command for me to serve in Malawi for the next 5 months.

Thank you for raising a glass or two … or  for buying a raffle ticket, or 20! What an encouraging community. Thank you for expressing to me God’s Love. A love that acts, that is diligent and a love that is not self-seeking.

                                                                                                …I am blessed upon blessed…

Seriously, Thank You.


One thought on “Thank You

  1. Carol McWilliams says:

    Bon Voyage Molly! I am confident that God will use you in so many ways as you travel and work in Malawi. Say hello to everyone for me and know that we send our love with you!


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