I am so excited to start this blog! Of course I have been saying and have been told that I should have started a blog to help draw attention toward my trip, but hey, better late than never! So, I am hoping to go back to Malawi Africa, for a 6 month period.  I will be working with youth programs started by College Graduates from Malawi.

In order to cover my flight, meds/shots, travel insurance, cost of living, and other fees while I am traveling, I have put on fundraisers, worked odd jobs, prayed and asked friends and family for support. Since September, I have raised $3,324. I have about $4,000 left. My goal to leave is January & thankfully God is guiding me in this day by day.
Check out the site for who I will be working,, and also, if you feel so inclined to give, click here (Select “Malawi Initiatives” and type in MollytoMalawi in the box)

I'll be teaching English -- empowering souls, I hope

Young boy working on English practice at RiseMalawi UPI

Check it out! Search the UPI site, and browse my photos.

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